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You Are NEVER Alone!

Operation House the homeless

We are currently seeking help with land, housing, and/or donations to help get our brothers and sisters off the streets. We have a Veterans Resource Center established, we will be using it to provide "hot's & cot's" during the winter months to assist those in need. We are looking for more long term assistance as well as transitional housing availability so that we can assist them emotionally, financially, mentally, physically & spiritually. It's time to remind our struggling brothers and sisters, they are NEVER alone! they fought for us & with us, it's time for us to fight for them!

Find out now how you can help make a difference!

Operation Changing course

We are currently working with numerous employers and talking with Unions to assist Veterans with receiving the proper hands-on experience needed to enter into long-term careers. Our members work in various industries allowing us to bridge connections and expedite hiring in various industries. We'll help get you to the door, you just have to walk through it.  

Operation feed the needy

We are taking donations at various locations for those in need. Our primary collection point is the Veterans Resource Center located at: 3166 Comer St., Suite A., Flint, MI. 48506.

Our team works with struggling Veterans on a daily basis trying to provide whatever assistance we can. Once vetted we provide them with either food and/or grocery cards. If there is someone out there that needs our help, please let us know.

Conflict Fronts

Veterans resource center

Thanks to the generosity of a couple Veterans, we have been able to establish a Veterans Resource Center. This allows us to work with Veterans in one of the hardest hit and forgotten cities in America. We are providing streamlined access to programs to help assist those in need, food assistance, clothing assistance, school supplies for veterans kids and much more. Hours of Operations are 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. During the winter it will be open from 9:30pm to 8:30am for "hots & cots" for those we can verify veteran status. Help us make a difference!